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Keep Safe Care Launches Keep Safe Care Direct

Keep Safe Care partners with Project Balance to launch Keep Safe Care Direct, allowing consumers to hire their own caregivers

AUSTIN, TX, Sept 25, 2022 – Keep Safe Care, a new private duty agency concept, launched in Austin Texas to address the growing cost and inefficiencies of the private duty sector, has partnered with Project Balance, a women-owned software services company, to acquire the software developed with the now defunct Well Beyond Care to release Keep Safe Care Direct.

As an operating unit of Keep Safe Care, Keep Safe Care Direct’s software will provide a nationwide care matching service, which allows families to save thousands of dollars per year in caregiving costs in comparison to private duty agencies by doing it yourself.  Jeffrey Fry, the CEO and President of Keep Safe Care states, “Caregiving costs continue to rise every year, and having the ability to offer this service as an alternative to families and loved ones will save them thousands of dollars per year.”

By Keep Safe Care acquiring this software, they will also be able to offer a recruitment and curation service to organizations such as skilled nursing facilities, retirement communities, and senior living centers, private duty agencies, home health agencies, and any other organizations that hire caregivers.

Stacey Berlow, a managing director of Project Balance and co-founder of Keep Safe Care goes on to say, “This software has already shown that it can reduce the cost of operating a private duty agency by 50% to 60%. This has resulted in Keep Safe Care being able to increase caregiver wages by $4 to $8 per hour without increasing the cost born by clients. This in turn has reduced both truancy and turnover with our caregivers. Owning this software outright will be a game changer for Keep Safe Care.”

Keep Safe Care is planning on selling licenses for their new Private Duty Model early in 2023 and has already been approached by investors and partners interested in accelerating the roll out of what the Company calls its non-franchise franchising concept.

About Project Balance
Project Balance is a women-owned, HUB software services company headquartered in Austin, Texas and founded in 2003. The company’s focus is with software solutions, system architecture and software programming with specialties in data warehousing design and development and data visualization. They are well known for delivering well engineered and well tested product. Project Balance expertise in with both tradition project management techniques and agile software development approaches to reduce project risk and increase success. For more information go to

About Keep Safe Care
Keep Safe Care is about revolutionizing the way that private duty agencies deliver care. The company wants to change the old mold of big companies controlling franchises, and eliminating franchises’ problems of caregiver truancy and turnover. Keep Safe Care’s goal is to reduce caregiver truancy and turnover by empowering caregivers and those who are receiving care. The company holds the promise of increasing Caregivers standard wage, while at the same time, reducing caregiving costs by 10% to 15% over other traditional private duty franchises. For more information go to