Do you know organizations can subscribe to our Keep Safe Care (KSC) subscription service? 

A feature of KSC Direct allows organizations to hire their own caregivers from an extensive portal of caregivers available on our website. The cost for the service is $99 per month, plus a one-time, $10 per caregiver, connection fee.

There is no long-term contract. This feature is for organizations who have their own payroll service.

The end user receives full access to the caregiving portal: and is free to negotiate rates with the caregiver.

Essentially, the subscriber becomes the hirer. Important: You are shown active caregivers in the past thirty (30) days and the other caregivers are sent a notice of an active subscriber. You are also free to see all caregivers in the portal.

Consider this a so to speak for finding caregivers.

Patricia Potyka, MA, VP Community Affairs / / 844.453.3772