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Launch of new entity to allow more people to own a private duty agency without paying the high cost of a franchise

AUSTIN, TX, OCT 30, 2020 – Keep Safe Care, a new private duty agency concept, has been launched in Austin Texas by Jeffrey Fry and Stacey Berlow to address the growing cost and inefficiencies of the private duty sector. Keep Safe Care is using the Well Beyond Care nationwide care matching service, which allows families to save thousands of dollars per year in caregiving costs in comparison to private duty agencies by doing it yourself, in conjunction with their proof of concept rollout. Jeffrey Fry, who is also a co-founder of Well Beyond Care, states, “The Well Beyond Care software has the potential to reduce the cost of operating a private duty agency by 50% to 60%. Keep Safe Care is trying to prove that by launching our first proof of concept agency in Austin, Texas.”

Stacey Berlow continues, “The private duty model is dominated by franchisors who charge $100,000 to $250,000 to open a private duty franchise. We know that our existing software can not only improve the efficiencies of a private duty agency greatly, but can also reduce the no show and truancy rates as well. Gaining firsthand knowledge of running an agency with this software is crucial in developing best practices and protocols to allow us to offer an “agency-in-a-box” to potential affiliates. Once we have gained both experience and evidence of success and have codified our methodologies, we plan to begin selling licenses in 2021.”

In brief, the Keep Safe Care model will sell licenses to affiliates for a fixed fee, right now targeted at between $7,500 and $17,500, about one tenth the cost of a typical franchise. In addition, most franchisors charge 5% to 11% of gross revenues to its franchisees in royalties. In contrast, Keep Safe Care will charge a small, flat-rate monthly software fee that is about one-fifth of most franchise royalties.

Mr. Fry adds, “We know the largest cost in running a private duty agency has to do with recruiting, retaining, curating, and managing caregivers, and Keep Safe Care’s solution can reduce those costs by 80%. In addition, we have been able to reduce caregiver truancy (no shows) and turnover to under 1%, where the industry average is 25% truancy and 83% turnover as of 2020.”

Keep Safe Care has already been approached by investors and partners interested in accelerating the roll out of what the Company calls its non-franchise franchising license and is presently collecting information of individuals interested in starting a Keep Safe Care private duty agency at

About Keep Safe Care
Keep Safe Care is about revolutionizing the way that private duty agencies deliver care. The company wants to change the old mold of big companies controlling franchises, and eliminating franchises’ problems of caregiver truancy and turnover. Keep Safe Care’s goal is to reduce caregiver truancy and turnover by empowering caregivers and those who are receiving care. The company holds the promise of increasing Caregivers standard wage, while at the same time, reducing caregiving costs by 10% to 15% over other traditional private duty franchises. For more information go to